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"His smile was like the sun."
"Your voice is a pale yellow. I hardly ever see a voice that color."

"Hey, make sure you don’t stay up all night."
"Iwa-chan, are you my mom?"

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Gods, shinki, and a half-phantom

Toppi! Go create an epic scene!


Favourite VOCALOID covers/PVs - Servant of Evil - Gero
Here are my spare clothes, now wear these and run
Don't turn back, don't stop, don't talk to anyone
Don't you worry - we look the same in every way
No one would ever notice that you got away
Favorite Songs [ 16 /  ] → ヤキモチの答え x -another story-

Could this be… love?

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Setting fire to all our useless memories…

再教育 「Re-Education」(x)

Free! Boys - New Character Songs

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